Sunday, October 18, 2009

Power Electroincs in Electrical

Power Electronics : In older we used mechanical devices for most of the process. Like, to turn of the circuit we need separate mechanical switch. The same case for all the things. Now the trend is changed. The introduction of Power electronic devices make this process easier. In former cases, there are so many losses due to this mechanical movement.
But in his later Edison, what ever may be circuit size we can operate with minimum power. It is so efficient and occupies less space. Due to this devices, all electrical equipment size getting reduced.Cost of this device is also low compare to other mechanical equipments. Power electronics is the emerging field, where all the power engineering equipments are controlled by this simple devices. There are many improvements in this devices so that it can operate automatically without external operator. This will be discussed later.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Electric Load

Electrical Loads - Any equipment which consumes electrical power is known as loads. The light, heating equipments, motors are the some of the examples for electrical loads. Loads classified depends upon the type.
1. Resistive load 2. capacitive load 3. Inductive load. Some of the examples for this type are given here. Heating equipments are mostly resistive loads. Loads which has inductive coil are called inductive loads.
Example for this type is motors. Capacitive load is the one which produces some capacitive effect when connected to the power. Three phase synchronous motor is the best example for this type. This motor mainly used to improve power factor.
Industries with huge amount of inductive loads should have capacitor bank to improve power factor. capacitors are the one which usually give leading power factor.