Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Repair your vehicle

Transportation plays major role in our day to day life as people are working far away from their home. The people who are living in city mainly depends on their vehicle to reach home or to go out. The number of vehicles is also being increased considerably in the last decade. Own vehicles are helping in most of time to reach the destination.

We cannot trust the vehicle performance all the time. Even though proper maintenance will help the vehicle to do well, some time it may go out of service. If it fails on the road then it creates unnecessary tension to us. We may not be able to reach the place in time. Houston auto repair will help us to repair our vehicle effectively. It serves most part the city and can able to reach within few minutes to the spot. The ford expedition details about the car which has high customer rating. The maintenance cost and the performance on road are taken as key points to decide performance.

The most important thing in engine synchronisation is timing belt which controls the valve opening. If the valve control is not in proper then the entire engine fails to do well. The timing belt replacement will help to increase the performance by reducing the error opening of valves. This website designed to help all people with clear instruction. The step by step procedure helps any one to take care of their car.

India vs New Zealand test series

The team India has won Airtel test series against New Zealand. It is great victory for India in own soil after first draw. New Zealand won the toss and decided to bat first, Indian bowlers started to attack as soon as match started. Losing too many wickets in the first season was the huge drawback for the visitors in this series. Indian bowlers has done wonderful job in both the innings and helped the most to this victory which they deserved.

The quality and consistent batting line helped again India to make huge total. Indian opener has done most of the damage to the opponents and well done performance by the Dravid decided Indian victory in the third day. Even both missed tons team has got massive total and good lead which cannot be achieved by any one especially in their second innings. New Zealand started well but cannot be withstand against strong Indian bowling attack. They have lost one wicket in the third day. The fourth day started with huge expectation whether Indian bowlers will finish the match or visitors will do their best to take the match to draw.

Finally Indian bowlers won in that battle and the match, the series. Rahul Dravid, who scored more runs in the match, has been announced as the player of the match. The king, Harbajan Singh is the winner of man of the series title with his back to back hundreds. Dhoni lifted the trophy with pleasure, congratulations for the team India.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Box planters to your home

It is going to be winter all over the world. After hot summer this year, we are expecting the winter to calm down the temperature of this earth. This is the time to beautify the place where we spent most of the time. It is found that keeping the place around you to look beautiful will enhance the mental stress of human beings and it reduces the heart stroke as well.

Due to high technological advancement there are numerous ways by which we can increase the beauty of our home one. We can make external light setting, artificial lighting and artificial gardening to make our home looks good. But planters around our home are one of the best traditional and everlasting ways of decorating our home. It gives natural look to our home in all the way. Window boxes planters are designed to enhance this beauty in all the way and it is designed so that you can hang around your home without any difficulties. There are plenty of designs are available which can be kept in your home, garden and windows.

The garden window boxes are another type designed to increase the beauty of your garden. You can select the colour and design of those planters which suits your home. If you are not satisfied with the product you can get the money back if your purchase is within a month. They do free shipping as well so you no need to worry about the size of your window boxes. You can book your planters now and get it soon to decorate your home.

Social Networking - Cost the life!!!!!!!!!!

Technology has become part of day-to-day life and it has made mental impact on human beings. This is one of the worst cases which I happened to a girl in recent years. Social networking, especially face book has become the routine work for many of us and it is unimaginable to thing about a day without use of face book.

Two girls were good friends and there was some misunderstanding happened in between their families. One girls’ mom wanted to take revenge on another family. So, she created a face book account with a guy name and uploaded photos of someone who looked really well.

Then after some time she started to chat with that girl. Their relationship become strength and the girl fall in love with that that guy who really not exists. After knowing this, her friends’ mom ( a handsome guy in face book) started to use heart breaking words to her and one day she I would be good if you are not in this world.

This young girl informed these things to her family but they didn’t take it seriously. She decided to die and executed the same on one day. Now, the case is in police hand but even they are helpless, there is no law to punish that mom and she escaped from the pre written law and I am sure that she can’t escape from the gods’ punishment which will happen one day but the other family lost their precious mother. A dear friend, use this technology but be limited, life is most important thing in this world and make sure nothing will take over this.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Enjoy this festival season

It is going to be festive season for all of us as Christmas coming not more than a month. Everyone is preparing us to celebrate this rare occasion in a year. After most enjoyable festival Christmas, New Year celebration also be waiting to celebrate. We are working hard to save money to spend on this occasion. There are plenty of ways to do celebration and most common way that everyone follows is having sweat and sharing with neighbours.

It is impossible to make all kind of sweets that we like in our home. It may need some special kind of kitchen arrangements. The peanut brittle is best sweet which everybody like on this kind of occasion. You are much interested to have this sweet on happy moment and the ingredients are good to our health. This sweet is available in very good packaging and it is available for the customer at any point of time.

You may have some doubts about the quality of this product, if you go to the website you can clearly find the customer rating. It is obvious that it has got most rating from the customer. Do not waste your time, just log in to your system and order the amount of sweet you want and receive in your home without any hard work. Lets enjoy this season with peanut brittle.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TCS Recruitment Interview 2011

Dream employer of fast growing India, TCS announced that it is going to recruit almost 50,000 employees for its operation all over the country. Being hot news among the graduates, recession has made all of us to cry for almost two years. Everybody was struggling to get a job and facing tremendous problem to get salary hike and promotion. Especially, engineering students were facing huge amount of pressure as most of them rely on the software jobs. It was a time, where companies visit the colleges in advance and recruit the student when they are in third year. In the last two was different, no one is getting job even after completion of their graduation. Tata Consulting Services (TCS) made this announcement today that they are about to recruit more graduates to meet the demand in 2011.

It is good news for all of us, and we can start preparing for the battle. Here are some tips to go, they may conduct the recruitment process in three stages. First will be the Aptitude round, where you need to answer for the set of question. The second will be the technical, it is one to one round, you will have an interview with the person. He may shoot the questions and if you are well enough to manage then you are almost done. The final round will be the HR round, even though it is similar to second, they will test your language or way of communication rather to check your skills. If you can come across all these rounds, you will join the team of TCS. Good luck.