Friday, November 13, 2009

Computer Hard Drives

Our computer consists of many important devices; one among them is Hard disc. It is a storage device. All the applications installed in your computer stored over here. And whenever you access those applications, RAM come into play and finally executed. It is like a CD and you can rewrite things. (I.e. you can store and delete when you don’t want any application no more). It is recommended to keep high memory hard discs.
Because all applications run effectively when there is enough space in your computer. If you are using computer especially for editing videos and you do some graphics operation. In this case you should have high memory hard disc to store video files and edit and install the applications.
You should keep your hard disc dust free. Usually hard disc protected with cover. If any dust form on these hard disc then it won’t work. Operation Systems are usually stored in hard disc and it occupies enough memory. There are different types of hard discs are available with different features. It will be seen in later posts. Due to improvements in technology the sizes are getting reduced and prices as well.External hard discs are also available in market which you can carry where ever you want and can able to use in any computers.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Processor - Heart of Computer

Every system has Central Processing Unit which act as a heart of a system. Processor is a main component of a computer as it controls all the data and operations. It is connected to mother board and works along with other components. There are varieties of companies available in market. AMD and Intel are the main companies existing in today market. Even though both are similar in operation, Intel is costlier than AMD. Many people using Intel processor. Many technology improvements are being done in this processor to yield high speed operation.
Processor is a chip mounted over the mother board and it gets heat when run. There is a heat sink placed above the processor to radiate the heat. Intel keeps on improving the components from P3 to now Intel Core 2 vPro and so on. Proper fan (cooling fans) is placed in a CPU to make operation in safe environment.
Like hard disc, we have to maintain processor dust free for better performance. If any fan does not work, then do the necessary step to avoid burning of processor.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Computer Virus Infection

Computer Virus – It is making lot of trouble for computer users. It can easy enter into your system when your computer is connected with Internet or any other network. We are getting new updates for antivirus which can avoid virus infection to our system.
There is variety of viruses generated each day by individuals. Some virus simply replicate, so that your system speed will get slow. At one point of time computer will not work. Sound drivers are the main place, where a virus can easily affect. Some viruses are designed to get your personal information from your computer.
If your system is affected by viruses then one can control your system remotely without your knowledge. Don’t disclose you system id to any one (IP address). You can operate a system which is connected to the Internet if you know you the Internet protocol. If a virus affected your Operating System then there is no way to go, re install your all applications. Some time entire network will become unstable when virus affects. One thing we can do is, identify the virus and delete it. Some time your system will not respond immediately, this is because of virus infection. You can see more number of file ( duplicated file ) in your hard drive. Worms are advanced form of viruses. It can replicate faster than virus and can make entire network shut down.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wireless Technology

In older days, to transfer data from one computer to another, and to Internet wire need to be connected. Here, we cant transfer to many systems at a time. Local Area Network is used to interconnect more than one system and transfer data among them.
But later days, innovation of wireless technology makes operation simple. By just connecting wireless card to the system, it can share the folders and any files between the network. There are two different types. 1.Ad-hoc 2. peer-to-peer. To connect the systems in wireless network, each computer should have wireless card.
We can also update normal computer to use in wireless network by adding wireless card in USB format. If you want to use this technology for existing network in office, add access point the main computers then other users can able to use and share the common files. Initially high standard network cards are introduced for high speed operation and lower cost. It can support up to 11 Mbps. It may have some interruption due to other form of waves. Later, due to technological improvements the speed at which data transferred increased and interference reduced.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

windows 7 in market

Dear friends, finally it has done. Microsoft launches it's most expecting product. The new operation system windows 7 has more and more feature compare to its older Edison windows vista.
It is expecting that there are many user friendly applications added. It going to be easy to use computer with out knowledge of it.
There are so many exciting features added to it. Some among them is, touch screen technology enables it's users to do more by just touch in the screen instead of rolling the mouse point.
You can even keep your files in a simple manner and keep them in task bar by simply putting pin to it. It enable users more security than others. We are facing troubles to do file sharing and file transferring from one device to another device in a home. It is not going to be problem there after. They included many options which enable users to transfer and share a file with in home or in a office. Game lovers also enjoy lot with latest Edison.
It supports and helps gamers to play the game in a way they want. One more technology added with this can be used to compare two file just by dragging in the screen. There are lots more to know. Take a time, learn and enjoy.