Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Acquisition by Tata group

Acquisition: you might have heard this term in business world. This means that taking control of one company by another company. This can be done usually in order to enlarge their business and survive in foreign markets. The large company in a particular industry will acquire small companies in the same industry. You might hear so many success stories in acquisition. Let me give big example for this kind of acquisition, India’s largest group Tata acquired United Kingdom’s Tetley tea in the year 2000.
It has happened exactly ten years before and it has got almost all the shares of that industry. One important thing here is that Tata tea is smaller than the company it acquired. Tetley tea is twice big as Tata tea; this was the first big acquisition by an Indian company in international market. Tata has paid around four hundred and thirty one million USD for this acquisition. The executive director of Tata sons said that this is the model for business innovation and it acts as a role model for acquisition. This became the case study in acquisition.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Airport security

College student accused for trying to explode a jet flight which was about to land. On Christmas day, a student of some London college was trying to explode bomb sort of things. The police personal was caught him kept under security. He is a student and registered with a university for mechanical engineering. He was registered for three year undergraduate course which is between 2005 and 2008. There were about 280 passengers were flying in that flight. He was using some sort of devices to explode the bomb but due to some reason he could not able to complete.

He used some chemical filled syringe in his with kind of powder. He has got affected by third degree burn in this issue. He is being kept under medical supervision and police looking for the background of this issue. There is a doubt that he might have link with some terror groups. Police are checking all of his links in UK and also in his home country. After this issue the security level has been increased and allowance for hand carry luggage has been restricted. United State president has arranged a meeting with security personal in order to reduce the terror activities in air lines.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cars for India

India is overtaking Japan in compact car manufacturing. Car manufacturers like ford, Volkswagen, General motors ready to invest. Currently they are investing hundreds and millions of pounds to Indian automobile industry to capture the market. China overtook US in the car manufacturing and it is being the top of the list. Japan was the leading manufacturer of small/compact car in 2007 and the market is dropping. It is expected that the sales of compact cars will go up in upcoming year.
Latest survey says that around 850,000 cars will be sold in this year and it is expected that it will go up in next year as well. In western countries public preferred to buy more luxurious cars where as developing countries like India customers looking to have a car at least. In this scenario, compact/small size car will be the best suit them in many ways. Tata has realised this situation and already started to manufacturer small cars called Tata Nano and it has received tremendous positive feedback from the public, as a consequence many companies wanted to introduce their compact car by this year. Ford announced its new small size car named Figo in next year. It is expected to run on road by first quarter of upcoming year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Avatar Movie – First in the history of Hollywood industry, the film has produced for the cost of $ 237 million. The story is about the aliens. The fight between the aliens and the human beings are the main theme of this movie. This 3D epic movie was written by the famous person in Hollywood James Cameron and he is the director of this movie. The starting of the film is about the year 2150 and mainly focussed on aliens, machines and future of this world.
This project was started in the year 1994 after titanic and it should have released 1999. But the director said that, he was waiting for technological improvement to complete his aim. He has written around 115 scripts for this movie. The opening week collection is more than what expected. The total forecasting would be higher than any other movie in this industry. Let’s give our support to make this project successful.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Electricity from Sewage

There are so many things need to be saved in this world. We have to use all wastages effectively. Thames Water Company did it. Now they are generating electricity from human’s poo. It may not be good to hear but actually it saved £ 15 m in last year. Sewage cleaning process carried out. Sewage cake has been dried. It burnt to get some heat and this heat has been used to get some electric power. There are two different methods are used to get electric power. One method is that sewage cake is used to burn and this heat used to run a boiler and get some electric power. And second method is through anaerobic digestion where methane is burn to get more heat which is again used to generate heat as similar to first method. According to official, 100% sewage used effectively nothing has been sent for landfill.
After burning all those things the ash will be sent to farmers for fertilizer. The solid form of sewage has more calorific content that gives more heat compare to normal thing. There are some other method which also gives electricity to home. One method among them is that we can make some deep hole in ground and we will get hot steam from it. This hot steam can be used to generate electricity. These methods have zero pollution.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Preparing CV - Tips

Dear all, this is my useful post after long time. I was concentrating on my studies and exams so that I could not able to post here. This is recession time that every one losing their job and searching for new jobs. As all of us know, CV is the most important thing to apply for any kind of job that we are looking for. My tutor used to say that our CV has to speak with HR manager not you. There are so many rules and procedures to follow and I am just giving some tips to make good CV.
Preparation CV depends on individual like it may varies from experienced to fresher. If you are fresher then your CV should be with in two pages. Include your academic achievements, co and extra curricular activities. Try to give your strength, weakness and hobbies. It should be short and sweet and don’t use more complicated words as well.
Make it good looking, it means that you have align in order and give appropriate font size and use proper font. Don’t include much more details in it. HR has to admire in your CV just looking over it. And for experienced individuals, you have to give your work experience then match it with current position you are looking for. If you have any promotion or salary hike, appraisal then you should include in it. If you have experience in more than two places, you have to give them in detail. Give your contact details correctly.