Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Acquisition by Tata group

Acquisition: you might have heard this term in business world. This means that taking control of one company by another company. This can be done usually in order to enlarge their business and survive in foreign markets. The large company in a particular industry will acquire small companies in the same industry. You might hear so many success stories in acquisition. Let me give big example for this kind of acquisition, India’s largest group Tata acquired United Kingdom’s Tetley tea in the year 2000.
It has happened exactly ten years before and it has got almost all the shares of that industry. One important thing here is that Tata tea is smaller than the company it acquired. Tetley tea is twice big as Tata tea; this was the first big acquisition by an Indian company in international market. Tata has paid around four hundred and thirty one million USD for this acquisition. The executive director of Tata sons said that this is the model for business innovation and it acts as a role model for acquisition. This became the case study in acquisition.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Airport security

College student accused for trying to explode a jet flight which was about to land. On Christmas day, a student of some London college was trying to explode bomb sort of things. The police personal was caught him kept under security. He is a student and registered with a university for mechanical engineering. He was registered for three year undergraduate course which is between 2005 and 2008. There were about 280 passengers were flying in that flight. He was using some sort of devices to explode the bomb but due to some reason he could not able to complete.

He used some chemical filled syringe in his with kind of powder. He has got affected by third degree burn in this issue. He is being kept under medical supervision and police looking for the background of this issue. There is a doubt that he might have link with some terror groups. Police are checking all of his links in UK and also in his home country. After this issue the security level has been increased and allowance for hand carry luggage has been restricted. United State president has arranged a meeting with security personal in order to reduce the terror activities in air lines.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cars for India

India is overtaking Japan in compact car manufacturing. Car manufacturers like ford, Volkswagen, General motors ready to invest. Currently they are investing hundreds and millions of pounds to Indian automobile industry to capture the market. China overtook US in the car manufacturing and it is being the top of the list. Japan was the leading manufacturer of small/compact car in 2007 and the market is dropping. It is expected that the sales of compact cars will go up in upcoming year.
Latest survey says that around 850,000 cars will be sold in this year and it is expected that it will go up in next year as well. In western countries public preferred to buy more luxurious cars where as developing countries like India customers looking to have a car at least. In this scenario, compact/small size car will be the best suit them in many ways. Tata has realised this situation and already started to manufacturer small cars called Tata Nano and it has received tremendous positive feedback from the public, as a consequence many companies wanted to introduce their compact car by this year. Ford announced its new small size car named Figo in next year. It is expected to run on road by first quarter of upcoming year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Avatar Movie – First in the history of Hollywood industry, the film has produced for the cost of $ 237 million. The story is about the aliens. The fight between the aliens and the human beings are the main theme of this movie. This 3D epic movie was written by the famous person in Hollywood James Cameron and he is the director of this movie. The starting of the film is about the year 2150 and mainly focussed on aliens, machines and future of this world.
This project was started in the year 1994 after titanic and it should have released 1999. But the director said that, he was waiting for technological improvement to complete his aim. He has written around 115 scripts for this movie. The opening week collection is more than what expected. The total forecasting would be higher than any other movie in this industry. Let’s give our support to make this project successful.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Electricity from Sewage

There are so many things need to be saved in this world. We have to use all wastages effectively. Thames Water Company did it. Now they are generating electricity from human’s poo. It may not be good to hear but actually it saved £ 15 m in last year. Sewage cleaning process carried out. Sewage cake has been dried. It burnt to get some heat and this heat has been used to get some electric power. There are two different methods are used to get electric power. One method is that sewage cake is used to burn and this heat used to run a boiler and get some electric power. And second method is through anaerobic digestion where methane is burn to get more heat which is again used to generate heat as similar to first method. According to official, 100% sewage used effectively nothing has been sent for landfill.
After burning all those things the ash will be sent to farmers for fertilizer. The solid form of sewage has more calorific content that gives more heat compare to normal thing. There are some other method which also gives electricity to home. One method among them is that we can make some deep hole in ground and we will get hot steam from it. This hot steam can be used to generate electricity. These methods have zero pollution.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Preparing CV - Tips

Dear all, this is my useful post after long time. I was concentrating on my studies and exams so that I could not able to post here. This is recession time that every one losing their job and searching for new jobs. As all of us know, CV is the most important thing to apply for any kind of job that we are looking for. My tutor used to say that our CV has to speak with HR manager not you. There are so many rules and procedures to follow and I am just giving some tips to make good CV.
Preparation CV depends on individual like it may varies from experienced to fresher. If you are fresher then your CV should be with in two pages. Include your academic achievements, co and extra curricular activities. Try to give your strength, weakness and hobbies. It should be short and sweet and don’t use more complicated words as well.
Make it good looking, it means that you have align in order and give appropriate font size and use proper font. Don’t include much more details in it. HR has to admire in your CV just looking over it. And for experienced individuals, you have to give your work experience then match it with current position you are looking for. If you have any promotion or salary hike, appraisal then you should include in it. If you have experience in more than two places, you have to give them in detail. Give your contact details correctly.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Computer Hard Drives

Our computer consists of many important devices; one among them is Hard disc. It is a storage device. All the applications installed in your computer stored over here. And whenever you access those applications, RAM come into play and finally executed. It is like a CD and you can rewrite things. (I.e. you can store and delete when you don’t want any application no more). It is recommended to keep high memory hard discs.
Because all applications run effectively when there is enough space in your computer. If you are using computer especially for editing videos and you do some graphics operation. In this case you should have high memory hard disc to store video files and edit and install the applications.
You should keep your hard disc dust free. Usually hard disc protected with cover. If any dust form on these hard disc then it won’t work. Operation Systems are usually stored in hard disc and it occupies enough memory. There are different types of hard discs are available with different features. It will be seen in later posts. Due to improvements in technology the sizes are getting reduced and prices as well.External hard discs are also available in market which you can carry where ever you want and can able to use in any computers.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Processor - Heart of Computer

Every system has Central Processing Unit which act as a heart of a system. Processor is a main component of a computer as it controls all the data and operations. It is connected to mother board and works along with other components. There are varieties of companies available in market. AMD and Intel are the main companies existing in today market. Even though both are similar in operation, Intel is costlier than AMD. Many people using Intel processor. Many technology improvements are being done in this processor to yield high speed operation.
Processor is a chip mounted over the mother board and it gets heat when run. There is a heat sink placed above the processor to radiate the heat. Intel keeps on improving the components from P3 to now Intel Core 2 vPro and so on. Proper fan (cooling fans) is placed in a CPU to make operation in safe environment.
Like hard disc, we have to maintain processor dust free for better performance. If any fan does not work, then do the necessary step to avoid burning of processor.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Computer Virus Infection

Computer Virus – It is making lot of trouble for computer users. It can easy enter into your system when your computer is connected with Internet or any other network. We are getting new updates for antivirus which can avoid virus infection to our system.
There is variety of viruses generated each day by individuals. Some virus simply replicate, so that your system speed will get slow. At one point of time computer will not work. Sound drivers are the main place, where a virus can easily affect. Some viruses are designed to get your personal information from your computer.
If your system is affected by viruses then one can control your system remotely without your knowledge. Don’t disclose you system id to any one (IP address). You can operate a system which is connected to the Internet if you know you the Internet protocol. If a virus affected your Operating System then there is no way to go, re install your all applications. Some time entire network will become unstable when virus affects. One thing we can do is, identify the virus and delete it. Some time your system will not respond immediately, this is because of virus infection. You can see more number of file ( duplicated file ) in your hard drive. Worms are advanced form of viruses. It can replicate faster than virus and can make entire network shut down.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Wireless Technology

In older days, to transfer data from one computer to another, and to Internet wire need to be connected. Here, we cant transfer to many systems at a time. Local Area Network is used to interconnect more than one system and transfer data among them.
But later days, innovation of wireless technology makes operation simple. By just connecting wireless card to the system, it can share the folders and any files between the network. There are two different types. 1.Ad-hoc 2. peer-to-peer. To connect the systems in wireless network, each computer should have wireless card.
We can also update normal computer to use in wireless network by adding wireless card in USB format. If you want to use this technology for existing network in office, add access point the main computers then other users can able to use and share the common files. Initially high standard network cards are introduced for high speed operation and lower cost. It can support up to 11 Mbps. It may have some interruption due to other form of waves. Later, due to technological improvements the speed at which data transferred increased and interference reduced.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

windows 7 in market

Dear friends, finally it has done. Microsoft launches it's most expecting product. The new operation system windows 7 has more and more feature compare to its older Edison windows vista.
It is expecting that there are many user friendly applications added. It going to be easy to use computer with out knowledge of it.
There are so many exciting features added to it. Some among them is, touch screen technology enables it's users to do more by just touch in the screen instead of rolling the mouse point.
You can even keep your files in a simple manner and keep them in task bar by simply putting pin to it. It enable users more security than others. We are facing troubles to do file sharing and file transferring from one device to another device in a home. It is not going to be problem there after. They included many options which enable users to transfer and share a file with in home or in a office. Game lovers also enjoy lot with latest Edison.
It supports and helps gamers to play the game in a way they want. One more technology added with this can be used to compare two file just by dragging in the screen. There are lots more to know. Take a time, learn and enjoy.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Power Electroincs in Electrical

Power Electronics : In older we used mechanical devices for most of the process. Like, to turn of the circuit we need separate mechanical switch. The same case for all the things. Now the trend is changed. The introduction of Power electronic devices make this process easier. In former cases, there are so many losses due to this mechanical movement.
But in his later Edison, what ever may be circuit size we can operate with minimum power. It is so efficient and occupies less space. Due to this devices, all electrical equipment size getting reduced.Cost of this device is also low compare to other mechanical equipments. Power electronics is the emerging field, where all the power engineering equipments are controlled by this simple devices. There are many improvements in this devices so that it can operate automatically without external operator. This will be discussed later.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Electric Load

Electrical Loads - Any equipment which consumes electrical power is known as loads. The light, heating equipments, motors are the some of the examples for electrical loads. Loads classified depends upon the type.
1. Resistive load 2. capacitive load 3. Inductive load. Some of the examples for this type are given here. Heating equipments are mostly resistive loads. Loads which has inductive coil are called inductive loads.
Example for this type is motors. Capacitive load is the one which produces some capacitive effect when connected to the power. Three phase synchronous motor is the best example for this type. This motor mainly used to improve power factor.
Industries with huge amount of inductive loads should have capacitor bank to improve power factor. capacitors are the one which usually give leading power factor.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Use of electric power for heating purpose

Electrical energy for heating purpose - As we said earlier, any form of energy can be obtained from electrical energy. Heat is the one thing which we need in day to day life. Iron box, room heating equipment, water heating are the main electrical equipments where electrical energy is converted in to heat.
The process involved here is simple. There are some metals which have high resistivity. The loss due to this resistivity can be obtained from the formula I*I*r. I is the current flows through the conductor and the r is the resistance of metal. Heat is produced as a result of this loss. This principle is mainly used in many heating equipments.
When electrical power is passed through this metal heat dissipated. This conductors are placed as coils, this coil are known as heating coil.
The power consumption of this equipments are more than lighting equipments.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Power loss in electrical system - Losses are the main factors which is to be considered in power engineering. From generating station to distribution station power loss takes place in many ways.
In generating station, the mechanical energy can not be converted in to electrical energy. In step up process, due to eddy current and thick core of transformer power loss takes place. Transmission is the main place where power loss need to be reduced. There is no conductor which transmits power with out loss. Before discuss about power loss, we need to know about eddy current.
when current pass through thick conductor due to induction small amount of current generated which opposes the main current. This current is directly proportional to the thickness of conductor.
This is the reason why all the conductors are made not in single thick wire. Instead it is bundle of thinner wires. Copper is mainly used as conductor as it has less resistivity compare to other conductors. Overhead lines are placed in parallel.
Current flows in one wire induces some voltages in another wire. Due to this voltage small amount of current flows which further induces some power losses.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Distribution of electricity

Distribution of electrical power - Distribution starts from substation. Transmitted power stepped down here. This power further transmitted to the loads. One more transmitted located near to the loads which always step down transformer. The voltage level is further reduced and supplied to the domestic loads.
The voltage which reaches the domestic load will be 240 V. This distribution may takes place in two types. 1. Underground lines 2. Overhead lines. In crowded area, underground transmission is preferred. AC type is used in this entire distribution process.
Transmission of electric power can be in two ways. 1. AC power transmission 2. DC power transmission. In DC method, converters and inverters can be used. DC method preferred only if the transmission distance more than 1500 km. In case of industry loads, the distribution power level is higher than the domestic level.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Electrical Transformers

Transformers - Transformers play vital role in power system. It mainly used to step up and step down the voltages. This can be classified in to two major categories. 1. Step up transformer 2. Step down transformer. Voltage in the transformer is directly proportional to the number of windings in the transformer. In step up transformer number of turns in secondary are more than primary turns. The output voltage of step up transformer is higher than primary voltage.
Number of turns in the secondary windings are less than primary winding. This is known as step down transformer. Step up transformers are mainly used in power stations where generated power is step upped for the purpose of transmission. Step down transformers are mainly used in substation where the voltage level of transmitted power is reduced for distribution purpose. Cooling of transformer winding is the one to be taken care.
Transformer oil is used for this purpose. Cooling of transformer will be seen in future.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nuclear power station

Nuclear power station - The world is looking for nuclear power generation as the need of electrical power increasing dramatically. The reason behind this is, only small amount of source is more than enough to produce huge amount of power.
Nuclear fission or nuclear fusion are the methods mainly used here. When any one of the above said process takes place, huge amount of thermal energy generated. This thermal power is used to generate high temperature steam. Only difference between thermal and nuclear power station is that nuclear source is used to generate heat. The advantage of this power station is that, only small amount of source is enough compare to thermal power generation. The main disadvantage is that, it is dangerous to human. If any accident takes place then the entire area will be affected. The radiation is more dangerous to human being. The disposal of nuclear waste is difficult process. In nuclear power stations, reactor is placed only below the earth level to avoid radiations.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hydro power stations

Hydro power station - This power station are mainly used in winter season. The water is the main source of hydro power stations.These power stations are located near to the dam. When water stored above the earth level it contains some kinetic energy. This kinetic energy used to rotate the turbine. Main advantage of this power station is pollution free. Low cost, more reliable.
One major disadvantage is it is not available in summer seasons. It has no wastage. Low speed turbines are used in this type of power station due to low force from water. China constructing one of the biggest hydro power station.
It is expected supply power to more industries. One more disadvantage is that it occupies more space than any other power stations.Now a days water falls are used to generate hydro power.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thermal Power Stations

Thermal power station - Thermal power station fulfill 65 % electrical energy needs in India. This term is self explanatory. Thermal energy used to generate mechanical energy. Coal is mainly used as a source to produce high pressure steam. The coal is taken from the earth. It cant be used directly for heating purpose as it has so many wastage. It goes under many cleaning process.
Finally solid coal particles are converted in to thin powder so that the boiler efficiency is more. Coal is fired in boiler.Water tubes are placed around the boiler.
This tubes carry water at the end of the boiler high pressure steam is generated.This is high pressure steam is passed to turbine section. Turbine rotates in higher speed.
This hot steam is further used to preheat the coal. This water is again circulated for producing steam. Ash which is the waste from the boiler can be used as a useful material for cement production. Flue gases come out from the boiler can be cooled before send to open atmosphere.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Power stations - Types

Types of generating station – generating stations are classified based on the source used. If it is coal and the heat is generated then this type of generation is called thermal power generation. If water is used to generate mechanical energy then it is known as hydro power generation. If the wind power is used to rotate the turbine then this is known as tidal power generation. Earth heat is used to produce steam, which is again used for power generation. This kind is known as geothermal power generation. Sun light is used to generate power generation which is solar power transmission.
Solar power generation requires no maintenance cost. This solar power generation requires high amount of initial capital. No pollution, cost effective is the main advantage of solar power generation. Nuclear power generation is more effective.
The main disadvantage of this type is, the wastage of this generating station can’t be disposed. It gives huge amount of heat energy than coal. It should be located away from
populated area.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Turbines - In Electric power stations

Electrical turbines: It is a rotating engine which gives mechanical energy as rotations to the generator. It consists of larger blades which gets force from the water which is stored above the ground level. In case of thermal power station which gets input from high speed steam which is at the heat of 500 C. In hydro power station this turbines are placed below the dam opening. Whenever dam opened the high speed water hits the turbine and generates mechanical revolutions.
The turbines are designed so that it can withstand any force given by water or steam. In thermal power station turbines, the
metal used is high strength and can’t be corrupted.
The shaft is the center part of the turbine. This shaft is further connected to generator so the mechanical energy directly given to the generator.
The blades of turbine placed in particular angle so that it gives maximum energy when the water hits.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Generation of Electric power

Generation of electrical power – this is the place where actual power engineering start. There are different types of generation method are there. The types of generation will be discussed later.
The basic principle behind this is, the conversion of mechanical energy in to electrical energy. The reason why we are using electrical power than any other energy is that, it can be converted in to any other form without major difficulties.
We can divide this generation part into three parts. Those are turbine section, generator section, and transformer section. Turbine is connected to generator which gives mechanical rotation to the generator. The side of generator is connected to transformer where step up process taken place. The electrical energy transmission takes place with higher level of voltage and low current to avoid losses due to eddy current. Eddy current losses will be explained when we deal about electrical losses.
Let’s see the input and output of each section.
The turbine gets input from boiler if it is thermal generation or kinetic energy of water if it is hydro power generation. The output of turbine is mechanical rotation which is the input of generator. Electrical power is the output of generator which is connected to the transformer. High voltage electrical power is the output of transformer which is again connected to the transmission line. These three section
s have major operations, which will be seen in future.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Transmission lines

Generating stations are placed outside the populated area due to main reasons. Few among them is availability of resources, pollution factor, safety factor. In that case transmission of electrical power to the public is necessary. This can be done using transmission line. Generation of electrical power may be in the range of 12 KV, 36 KV or varies depending upon the generating stations. But before transmitting it should it should be step upped using transformer. Most of the generating stations have step up transformer. This is to minimise transmission losses. Power can be transmitted only at high voltages as it has many factors. To avoid eddy current losses the current level in transmission lines always be minimised.
It can be transmitted in two ways which is above the ground, later is under ground transmission. Proper insulators are places in towers to avoid any electrical short cut. High Voltage Direct Current transmission can be used only when need to transmit for high distances. Types of transmission can be seen in upcoming posts.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Principle of motor

Electrical machines run under induction principle. That is, when current carrying conductors are placed inside the magnetic field these conductor experiences some forces which is perpendicular to the conductors as well as field. Due to this force the motors starts rotating. This speed mainly depends on the following factor. The current flowing through the armature, the number of windings in the armature, field strength, and the external load connected to this armature. In an electrical motor this magnetic field is created by either placing permanent magnets or by providing external supply to this field coils.
The armature which carries conductor placed inside the field coils and the commutator and brush assembly is placed at the end of the rotor. External supply is given to the rotor windings via commutator and brush assembly. Once current flows through this conductors it experiences some force which is perpendicular to the field. Due to this force it start rotating. Commutator and brush assembly differs depends upon the type of motor.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Construction of electrical machine

Electrical machine has almost same construction irrespective of the application. There are various parts in machine construction. Lets see each in detail. Outer layer of machine is called it acts as protection to entire set up. It is made up some hard metal to withstand vibration while machine is running and protect inner parts from outside disturbances. Then, there are two main parts. Those are named stator which is stable all the time, whereas rotor is rotating part of a machine.
Coils which is used for induction placed in two parts. Coil placed in stator is called field coil, where supply is given when machine is act as motor. Rotor coils are normally armature coils which gets supply due to induction. Commutator and brush assembly is placed in dc machines where it is used to collect the current from the machine. Armature and field terminals are taken out and placed in the yoke so that we can get the output from the machine.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Electrical Machines

Machines used for conversion purpose. It can covert one form energy into another form. It can be classified under two categories. Machines which convert electrical energy into mechanical rotations are known as motors, whereas machines which can covert mechanical rotations into electrical form is know as Generator.
Depending upon the input given, these are classified into two major types. First one is single phase where single phase supply is given at input terminals. Later is three phase machines which gets three phase supply at their input terminal.
Depending upon the supply further these machines are classified as AC machines and DC machines. Where AC and DC stands for Alternating Current, Direct Current respectively. It works under induction principle. AC machines are mostly used in all industries as it is effective in many ways.
Now a days use of machines are used in almost all places from micro application to train, plane, escalator and so on. We will discuss each and every part of machines in upcoming posts.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Electrical Measurements

Current, Voltage, resistance, power, and all other can be measured using equipments. Let us how to do that. Flow of electrons is called current which can be measured in many ways. Easiest way to measure is just keep a conductor which carries current in a device. This device has digital meter which gives the amount of current flowing through that conductor in Ampere. Voltage - Volt meter can be used to measure voltage, he you need to connect to terminal which has potential difference. The display clearly shows the voltage.
Resistance can be measured in many ways. If we find the current flow and the voltage at particular conductor then there is formula R=V/I. This can be measured in terms of ohm.
Power can be measured by multiplying current and voltage. Conductivity is the reciprocal of resistance. The unit of conductivity is mho. Multi meter can be used to measure current, voltage, power.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Basic elements of electrical engineering

More complex in this world is electrical engineering. It is very difficult to get to know each and every aspect of this field. Here are some basic elements of electrical engineering and the meaning of them. There are two types of charges. Positive charge is named as proton where as the negative charge is called electron. When electron and neutron joins the net is neutral that is zero point. Current is nothing but flow of electrons. Electrons flow only if there is potential difference between two points. This potential difference is named as Voltage. If Voltage of one point is 240 means that the potential difference between that point and ground is 240 measured in terms of volt. Resistance is nothing but electrons cant flow in a conductor freely. There is some disturbances for electron flow this is called resistant. It may differ from one metal to other. Insulator is the material which doesn't allow the flow of electrons. Metal which allows flow of electrons is called Conductor.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Introduction Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering - Its easy to say this word but it is really hard to understand the exact meaning. You can not imagine a day with out electrical. It has different fields like generation, transmission, and distribution. In this site we are going to discuss about each and every part of electrical world. As we know, electric power is mandatory for human life. But to reach our place it has to be generated and needs to be transmitted. Apart from this we are using so many electrical apparatus like television, radio, heater, air controller, and so on.
The work behind this product we really don't know. This is where an electrical engineer stand. Invention of technology keep going from the day Thomas Alva Edison found electric bulb. we developed lot but still need to do more.
Here you can find everything you need to know about power engineering. If you have any doubts about our posts please open your heart and give comments. We are here to serve you..