Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sachien 50th Hundred..........

It took almost one hundred and eighty more matches to score fifty hundreds in test cricket. He has done a fabulous job in the centurion, to save his side. He achieved another milestone in his career today by hitting awesome and most needed hundred for the team India to survive against South Africa in their soil. Crowd, not only in the stadium but also all around the world keenly looking to rise his bat after massive hundred.

He is the first man and only one who scored and can score fifty centuries still struggling to save his side from defeat. He was on the field for almost a day of play to score this precious hundred despite all of his mates left the field.

I could remember a joke which I have read in an article, God is confusing about the Sachien and himself because most of the fans in the world thinking Sachien are the god. And also he is worried that why he allowed human to play this sort of game in this earth. As of fan of the great master, lets pray the god to give him good physical fitness to play for next decade and to make India proud. Sachien, we are expecting lots more from you and it is happening and will happen.

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