Friday, January 21, 2011

Mobile number portability in india - ways to change network

Mobile number portability in India:

It is good news for all mobile users across India as they can change their mobile operators. You have to stay with the existing mobile network service provider even if they do not provide you the best you want. This is because, you might have given your mobile number all of your friends and family member and it is not good to change the mobile number frequently. Exactly two and half year government has taken steps to provide mobile number portability for Indian mobile users. This facility is available in most of developed countries and it is easy to shift their mobile operator. Due to large amount of customer base, this facility is not provided for Indian mobile phone users.

On 20th January 2011, Indian prime minister has launched this service to all customers. It is no more the case to stay with the same network even if we are not satisfied. Here are the ways to change your operator.

You need to send a text PORT(SPACE) FOLLOWED BY YOUR 10 DIGIT MOBILE NUMBER and you will receive a text from 1901 with the unique code and the date. Once you have received this message, you need to submit your ID proof, address proof and the text message which you have received from 1901. If you have submitted all of these you will be given one week time and at the end of this time you will be using the new operator on your mobile. This will make more competition between the service provider and we can expect the best service from them.

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