Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free call from computer to mobile phones.

Free calls to India and all countries

Free call from computer to any mobile:
This post will be most useful to people those who are staying in abroad. Technology has improved in many ways and nothing is impossible in this scientific world. World is shrinking as technology keep innovating new things, one can talk or can see anyone in the world who are staying somewhere in the globe. Internet has interconnected all human beings. But some rural areas not connected so called internet, mobile is next technology which has made us mad. It is easier way to connect to anyone with this mobile service. But it costs us more than internet which costs nothing. Calling from abroad is more cost than calling inside a country. People who are staying in gulf countries suffer more as the call cost is very high. Internet has option which makes us happy even in these kinds of difficult situations. Some websites are providing conferencing facilities which connect two or more mobile phone which are geographically separated.

Here is the procedure to go on, first create an account with those sites which cost you zero pence. You have to input your mobile while registration and they will text you some code which help to complete the registration. Once registration is successful, then you are ready to go. Select the country you want to call and enter the destination number. This calling is different from normal calling from mobile phone. First call made to you and then to the destination number which you have entered. After some time, both calls connected with conference facility so that you can enjoy the benefit. Here, almost every site gives you free credit once you open an account. This will make you to call at least one hundred and fifty minutes to India from UK, it may differ from one country to another country. How to get credit without spending money? This question will be answered in the future. Enjoy.


  1. I wanted to know how to make Unlimited Calls to India from Canada, which offers free registration and reliable, clear connections. Can anyone suggest me something?

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