Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Improve your system performance:

Improve your system performance:

Almost all computer users have faced the problems of poor performance. It really matters when our system performance goes down when we handle some important work. People have come across the situation where more data might be lost due to system hang. Here are some tips to avoid such an unwanted situations. First of all, please do not install any software which are unnecessary for you. Installation will take considerable memory space in the C drive where all booting programs are installed. Even if you install program which you need, avoid the option start when system boots. This means that if you select this option, then those specific programs will run when system boots each time and it take considerable time as a result of it you computer may take several minutes to get ready.

When system is about to hang that when it performs very slowly, do not press any keys more number of time as this will lead definite system hang. When you work on internet, do not open more pages as many pages will refresh are load automatically even if you are not doing so. When you work on pre installed programs such as MS-Office, try to save the documents as soon as you finished because it will help you to recover most recent documents. Even though latest version of MS-Office will do this automatically, make sure most recently updated files are saved. Clean you C drive, as this helps you to run you operation system faster. And take off unwanted files from your computer and also keep C drive more spacious. Even though RAM speed is important for system performance, you can manage low capacity RAM to run effectively.

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