Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Power stations - Types

Types of generating station – generating stations are classified based on the source used. If it is coal and the heat is generated then this type of generation is called thermal power generation. If water is used to generate mechanical energy then it is known as hydro power generation. If the wind power is used to rotate the turbine then this is known as tidal power generation. Earth heat is used to produce steam, which is again used for power generation. This kind is known as geothermal power generation. Sun light is used to generate power generation which is solar power transmission.
Solar power generation requires no maintenance cost. This solar power generation requires high amount of initial capital. No pollution, cost effective is the main advantage of solar power generation. Nuclear power generation is more effective.
The main disadvantage of this type is, the wastage of this generating station can’t be disposed. It gives huge amount of heat energy than coal. It should be located away from
populated area.

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