Monday, August 24, 2009

Thermal Power Stations

Thermal power station - Thermal power station fulfill 65 % electrical energy needs in India. This term is self explanatory. Thermal energy used to generate mechanical energy. Coal is mainly used as a source to produce high pressure steam. The coal is taken from the earth. It cant be used directly for heating purpose as it has so many wastage. It goes under many cleaning process.
Finally solid coal particles are converted in to thin powder so that the boiler efficiency is more. Coal is fired in boiler.Water tubes are placed around the boiler.
This tubes carry water at the end of the boiler high pressure steam is generated.This is high pressure steam is passed to turbine section. Turbine rotates in higher speed.
This hot steam is further used to preheat the coal. This water is again circulated for producing steam. Ash which is the waste from the boiler can be used as a useful material for cement production. Flue gases come out from the boiler can be cooled before send to open atmosphere.

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