Monday, August 10, 2009

Turbines - In Electric power stations

Electrical turbines: It is a rotating engine which gives mechanical energy as rotations to the generator. It consists of larger blades which gets force from the water which is stored above the ground level. In case of thermal power station which gets input from high speed steam which is at the heat of 500 C. In hydro power station this turbines are placed below the dam opening. Whenever dam opened the high speed water hits the turbine and generates mechanical revolutions.
The turbines are designed so that it can withstand any force given by water or steam. In thermal power station turbines, the
metal used is high strength and can’t be corrupted.
The shaft is the center part of the turbine. This shaft is further connected to generator so the mechanical energy directly given to the generator.
The blades of turbine placed in particular angle so that it gives maximum energy when the water hits.

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