Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Use of electric power for heating purpose

Electrical energy for heating purpose - As we said earlier, any form of energy can be obtained from electrical energy. Heat is the one thing which we need in day to day life. Iron box, room heating equipment, water heating are the main electrical equipments where electrical energy is converted in to heat.
The process involved here is simple. There are some metals which have high resistivity. The loss due to this resistivity can be obtained from the formula I*I*r. I is the current flows through the conductor and the r is the resistance of metal. Heat is produced as a result of this loss. This principle is mainly used in many heating equipments.
When electrical power is passed through this metal heat dissipated. This conductors are placed as coils, this coil are known as heating coil.
The power consumption of this equipments are more than lighting equipments.

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