Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nuclear power station

Nuclear power station - The world is looking for nuclear power generation as the need of electrical power increasing dramatically. The reason behind this is, only small amount of source is more than enough to produce huge amount of power.
Nuclear fission or nuclear fusion are the methods mainly used here. When any one of the above said process takes place, huge amount of thermal energy generated. This thermal power is used to generate high temperature steam. Only difference between thermal and nuclear power station is that nuclear source is used to generate heat. The advantage of this power station is that, only small amount of source is enough compare to thermal power generation. The main disadvantage is that, it is dangerous to human. If any accident takes place then the entire area will be affected. The radiation is more dangerous to human being. The disposal of nuclear waste is difficult process. In nuclear power stations, reactor is placed only below the earth level to avoid radiations.


  1. perhaps,the nuclear power plants have to be located far away from resident area since the risk is too big..and what if the disposal is send to another planet like mars maybe..he..he..

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  3. Daniel, it is risky and highly expensive to transport the depleted uranium into space.. That is why we currently don't, but reduce those factors significantly and it might just be the best idea.

  4. Wow ... so many grammar errors ... i think i'm going to be sick ...

    And anyway nuclear power is only dangerous IF there is a meltdown, where as coal and oil power plants CONSTANTLY emit dangerous amounts of ash and other heaver metals into the air, which kills hundreds of thousands of people each year.

    and no, we can't send it to mars. Do you know how much that would cost? Billions to trillions of dollars. We don't have an infinite amount of money you know.

  5. Anthony, really..? For one maybe you should check you grammar and spelling at that. Before you bash other people as you pretend to be the grammar police to boost you're ego you sir are the definition of an Oxymoron!