Sunday, September 27, 2009

Power loss in electrical system - Losses are the main factors which is to be considered in power engineering. From generating station to distribution station power loss takes place in many ways.
In generating station, the mechanical energy can not be converted in to electrical energy. In step up process, due to eddy current and thick core of transformer power loss takes place. Transmission is the main place where power loss need to be reduced. There is no conductor which transmits power with out loss. Before discuss about power loss, we need to know about eddy current.
when current pass through thick conductor due to induction small amount of current generated which opposes the main current. This current is directly proportional to the thickness of conductor.
This is the reason why all the conductors are made not in single thick wire. Instead it is bundle of thinner wires. Copper is mainly used as conductor as it has less resistivity compare to other conductors. Overhead lines are placed in parallel.
Current flows in one wire induces some voltages in another wire. Due to this voltage small amount of current flows which further induces some power losses.

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