Friday, November 6, 2009

Computer Virus Infection

Computer Virus – It is making lot of trouble for computer users. It can easy enter into your system when your computer is connected with Internet or any other network. We are getting new updates for antivirus which can avoid virus infection to our system.
There is variety of viruses generated each day by individuals. Some virus simply replicate, so that your system speed will get slow. At one point of time computer will not work. Sound drivers are the main place, where a virus can easily affect. Some viruses are designed to get your personal information from your computer.
If your system is affected by viruses then one can control your system remotely without your knowledge. Don’t disclose you system id to any one (IP address). You can operate a system which is connected to the Internet if you know you the Internet protocol. If a virus affected your Operating System then there is no way to go, re install your all applications. Some time entire network will become unstable when virus affects. One thing we can do is, identify the virus and delete it. Some time your system will not respond immediately, this is because of virus infection. You can see more number of file ( duplicated file ) in your hard drive. Worms are advanced form of viruses. It can replicate faster than virus and can make entire network shut down.


  1. nice info sob..thanks..virus more dangerous than murder..hikkss..

  2. keep careful from virus, many times i attacked by virus, huh, so bad,