Sunday, November 1, 2009

windows 7 in market

Dear friends, finally it has done. Microsoft launches it's most expecting product. The new operation system windows 7 has more and more feature compare to its older Edison windows vista.
It is expecting that there are many user friendly applications added. It going to be easy to use computer with out knowledge of it.
There are so many exciting features added to it. Some among them is, touch screen technology enables it's users to do more by just touch in the screen instead of rolling the mouse point.
You can even keep your files in a simple manner and keep them in task bar by simply putting pin to it. It enable users more security than others. We are facing troubles to do file sharing and file transferring from one device to another device in a home. It is not going to be problem there after. They included many options which enable users to transfer and share a file with in home or in a office. Game lovers also enjoy lot with latest Edison.
It supports and helps gamers to play the game in a way they want. One more technology added with this can be used to compare two file just by dragging in the screen. There are lots more to know. Take a time, learn and enjoy.


  1. ist all software supprted? im IT vista, there are many software not support. how abt window 7? can reply to my page asap.i want change window tonght.+_+

  2. Ditunggu launchingnya..Apa malah sudah?

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  4. Hope this one can be better than the Windows Vista, which was no good.

  5. the news said, this windows seven more saleable than OS x...waw