Sunday, November 8, 2009

Processor - Heart of Computer

Every system has Central Processing Unit which act as a heart of a system. Processor is a main component of a computer as it controls all the data and operations. It is connected to mother board and works along with other components. There are varieties of companies available in market. AMD and Intel are the main companies existing in today market. Even though both are similar in operation, Intel is costlier than AMD. Many people using Intel processor. Many technology improvements are being done in this processor to yield high speed operation.
Processor is a chip mounted over the mother board and it gets heat when run. There is a heat sink placed above the processor to radiate the heat. Intel keeps on improving the components from P3 to now Intel Core 2 vPro and so on. Proper fan (cooling fans) is placed in a CPU to make operation in safe environment.
Like hard disc, we have to maintain processor dust free for better performance. If any fan does not work, then do the necessary step to avoid burning of processor.


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