Saturday, November 20, 2010

Social Networking - Cost the life!!!!!!!!!!

Technology has become part of day-to-day life and it has made mental impact on human beings. This is one of the worst cases which I happened to a girl in recent years. Social networking, especially face book has become the routine work for many of us and it is unimaginable to thing about a day without use of face book.

Two girls were good friends and there was some misunderstanding happened in between their families. One girls’ mom wanted to take revenge on another family. So, she created a face book account with a guy name and uploaded photos of someone who looked really well.

Then after some time she started to chat with that girl. Their relationship become strength and the girl fall in love with that that guy who really not exists. After knowing this, her friends’ mom ( a handsome guy in face book) started to use heart breaking words to her and one day she I would be good if you are not in this world.

This young girl informed these things to her family but they didn’t take it seriously. She decided to die and executed the same on one day. Now, the case is in police hand but even they are helpless, there is no law to punish that mom and she escaped from the pre written law and I am sure that she can’t escape from the gods’ punishment which will happen one day but the other family lost their precious mother. A dear friend, use this technology but be limited, life is most important thing in this world and make sure nothing will take over this.

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