Tuesday, November 16, 2010

TCS Recruitment Interview 2011

Dream employer of fast growing India, TCS announced that it is going to recruit almost 50,000 employees for its operation all over the country. Being hot news among the graduates, recession has made all of us to cry for almost two years. Everybody was struggling to get a job and facing tremendous problem to get salary hike and promotion. Especially, engineering students were facing huge amount of pressure as most of them rely on the software jobs. It was a time, where companies visit the colleges in advance and recruit the student when they are in third year. In the last two was different, no one is getting job even after completion of their graduation. Tata Consulting Services (TCS) made this announcement today that they are about to recruit more graduates to meet the demand in 2011.

It is good news for all of us, and we can start preparing for the battle. Here are some tips to go, they may conduct the recruitment process in three stages. First will be the Aptitude round, where you need to answer for the set of question. The second will be the technical, it is one to one round, you will have an interview with the person. He may shoot the questions and if you are well enough to manage then you are almost done. The final round will be the HR round, even though it is similar to second, they will test your language or way of communication rather to check your skills. If you can come across all these rounds, you will join the team of TCS. Good luck.

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