Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Avatar Movie – First in the history of Hollywood industry, the film has produced for the cost of $ 237 million. The story is about the aliens. The fight between the aliens and the human beings are the main theme of this movie. This 3D epic movie was written by the famous person in Hollywood James Cameron and he is the director of this movie. The starting of the film is about the year 2150 and mainly focussed on aliens, machines and future of this world.
This project was started in the year 1994 after titanic and it should have released 1999. But the director said that, he was waiting for technological improvement to complete his aim. He has written around 115 scripts for this movie. The opening week collection is more than what expected. The total forecasting would be higher than any other movie in this industry. Let’s give our support to make this project successful.

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