Monday, December 7, 2009

Preparing CV - Tips

Dear all, this is my useful post after long time. I was concentrating on my studies and exams so that I could not able to post here. This is recession time that every one losing their job and searching for new jobs. As all of us know, CV is the most important thing to apply for any kind of job that we are looking for. My tutor used to say that our CV has to speak with HR manager not you. There are so many rules and procedures to follow and I am just giving some tips to make good CV.
Preparation CV depends on individual like it may varies from experienced to fresher. If you are fresher then your CV should be with in two pages. Include your academic achievements, co and extra curricular activities. Try to give your strength, weakness and hobbies. It should be short and sweet and don’t use more complicated words as well.
Make it good looking, it means that you have align in order and give appropriate font size and use proper font. Don’t include much more details in it. HR has to admire in your CV just looking over it. And for experienced individuals, you have to give your work experience then match it with current position you are looking for. If you have any promotion or salary hike, appraisal then you should include in it. If you have experience in more than two places, you have to give them in detail. Give your contact details correctly.


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