Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Electricity from Sewage

There are so many things need to be saved in this world. We have to use all wastages effectively. Thames Water Company did it. Now they are generating electricity from human’s poo. It may not be good to hear but actually it saved £ 15 m in last year. Sewage cleaning process carried out. Sewage cake has been dried. It burnt to get some heat and this heat has been used to get some electric power. There are two different methods are used to get electric power. One method is that sewage cake is used to burn and this heat used to run a boiler and get some electric power. And second method is through anaerobic digestion where methane is burn to get more heat which is again used to generate heat as similar to first method. According to official, 100% sewage used effectively nothing has been sent for landfill.
After burning all those things the ash will be sent to farmers for fertilizer. The solid form of sewage has more calorific content that gives more heat compare to normal thing. There are some other method which also gives electricity to home. One method among them is that we can make some deep hole in ground and we will get hot steam from it. This hot steam can be used to generate electricity. These methods have zero pollution.


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  3. Good idea but you no longer need to burn the stuff. You use pyrolysis which will give you clean gas and biochar which is a much better fertilizer than ash