Saturday, December 26, 2009

Airport security

College student accused for trying to explode a jet flight which was about to land. On Christmas day, a student of some London college was trying to explode bomb sort of things. The police personal was caught him kept under security. He is a student and registered with a university for mechanical engineering. He was registered for three year undergraduate course which is between 2005 and 2008. There were about 280 passengers were flying in that flight. He was using some sort of devices to explode the bomb but due to some reason he could not able to complete.

He used some chemical filled syringe in his with kind of powder. He has got affected by third degree burn in this issue. He is being kept under medical supervision and police looking for the background of this issue. There is a doubt that he might have link with some terror groups. Police are checking all of his links in UK and also in his home country. After this issue the security level has been increased and allowance for hand carry luggage has been restricted. United State president has arranged a meeting with security personal in order to reduce the terror activities in air lines.

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