Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cars for India

India is overtaking Japan in compact car manufacturing. Car manufacturers like ford, Volkswagen, General motors ready to invest. Currently they are investing hundreds and millions of pounds to Indian automobile industry to capture the market. China overtook US in the car manufacturing and it is being the top of the list. Japan was the leading manufacturer of small/compact car in 2007 and the market is dropping. It is expected that the sales of compact cars will go up in upcoming year.
Latest survey says that around 850,000 cars will be sold in this year and it is expected that it will go up in next year as well. In western countries public preferred to buy more luxurious cars where as developing countries like India customers looking to have a car at least. In this scenario, compact/small size car will be the best suit them in many ways. Tata has realised this situation and already started to manufacturer small cars called Tata Nano and it has received tremendous positive feedback from the public, as a consequence many companies wanted to introduce their compact car by this year. Ford announced its new small size car named Figo in next year. It is expected to run on road by first quarter of upcoming year.


  1. Happy New Year !!!

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  2. yet and now, every car @ automobile manufacturer tend to invent and design nice compact cars which environmental friendly and relevant to the users

    for example: aston martin also trying their new "mini" version, yet not electrical use though~~~