Sunday, July 5, 2009

Basic elements of electrical engineering

More complex in this world is electrical engineering. It is very difficult to get to know each and every aspect of this field. Here are some basic elements of electrical engineering and the meaning of them. There are two types of charges. Positive charge is named as proton where as the negative charge is called electron. When electron and neutron joins the net is neutral that is zero point. Current is nothing but flow of electrons. Electrons flow only if there is potential difference between two points. This potential difference is named as Voltage. If Voltage of one point is 240 means that the potential difference between that point and ground is 240 measured in terms of volt. Resistance is nothing but electrons cant flow in a conductor freely. There is some disturbances for electron flow this is called resistant. It may differ from one metal to other. Insulator is the material which doesn't allow the flow of electrons. Metal which allows flow of electrons is called Conductor.

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