Sunday, July 12, 2009

Construction of electrical machine

Electrical machine has almost same construction irrespective of the application. There are various parts in machine construction. Lets see each in detail. Outer layer of machine is called it acts as protection to entire set up. It is made up some hard metal to withstand vibration while machine is running and protect inner parts from outside disturbances. Then, there are two main parts. Those are named stator which is stable all the time, whereas rotor is rotating part of a machine.
Coils which is used for induction placed in two parts. Coil placed in stator is called field coil, where supply is given when machine is act as motor. Rotor coils are normally armature coils which gets supply due to induction. Commutator and brush assembly is placed in dc machines where it is used to collect the current from the machine. Armature and field terminals are taken out and placed in the yoke so that we can get the output from the machine.

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