Friday, July 10, 2009

Electrical Machines

Machines used for conversion purpose. It can covert one form energy into another form. It can be classified under two categories. Machines which convert electrical energy into mechanical rotations are known as motors, whereas machines which can covert mechanical rotations into electrical form is know as Generator.
Depending upon the input given, these are classified into two major types. First one is single phase where single phase supply is given at input terminals. Later is three phase machines which gets three phase supply at their input terminal.
Depending upon the supply further these machines are classified as AC machines and DC machines. Where AC and DC stands for Alternating Current, Direct Current respectively. It works under induction principle. AC machines are mostly used in all industries as it is effective in many ways.
Now a days use of machines are used in almost all places from micro application to train, plane, escalator and so on. We will discuss each and every part of machines in upcoming posts.

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