Thursday, July 2, 2009

Introduction Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering - Its easy to say this word but it is really hard to understand the exact meaning. You can not imagine a day with out electrical. It has different fields like generation, transmission, and distribution. In this site we are going to discuss about each and every part of electrical world. As we know, electric power is mandatory for human life. But to reach our place it has to be generated and needs to be transmitted. Apart from this we are using so many electrical apparatus like television, radio, heater, air controller, and so on.
The work behind this product we really don't know. This is where an electrical engineer stand. Invention of technology keep going from the day Thomas Alva Edison found electric bulb. we developed lot but still need to do more.
Here you can find everything you need to know about power engineering. If you have any doubts about our posts please open your heart and give comments. We are here to serve you..

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