Sunday, July 19, 2009

Transmission lines

Generating stations are placed outside the populated area due to main reasons. Few among them is availability of resources, pollution factor, safety factor. In that case transmission of electrical power to the public is necessary. This can be done using transmission line. Generation of electrical power may be in the range of 12 KV, 36 KV or varies depending upon the generating stations. But before transmitting it should it should be step upped using transformer. Most of the generating stations have step up transformer. This is to minimise transmission losses. Power can be transmitted only at high voltages as it has many factors. To avoid eddy current losses the current level in transmission lines always be minimised.
It can be transmitted in two ways which is above the ground, later is under ground transmission. Proper insulators are places in towers to avoid any electrical short cut. High Voltage Direct Current transmission can be used only when need to transmit for high distances. Types of transmission can be seen in upcoming posts.

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