Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Electrical Measurements

Current, Voltage, resistance, power, and all other can be measured using equipments. Let us how to do that. Flow of electrons is called current which can be measured in many ways. Easiest way to measure is just keep a conductor which carries current in a device. This device has digital meter which gives the amount of current flowing through that conductor in Ampere. Voltage - Volt meter can be used to measure voltage, he you need to connect to terminal which has potential difference. The display clearly shows the voltage.
Resistance can be measured in many ways. If we find the current flow and the voltage at particular conductor then there is formula R=V/I. This can be measured in terms of ohm.
Power can be measured by multiplying current and voltage. Conductivity is the reciprocal of resistance. The unit of conductivity is mho. Multi meter can be used to measure current, voltage, power.

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