Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Applying UK Visa

Applying UK visa: even though it is general term, let me talk about applying student visa to United Kingdom. There are certain documents you need to provide while you apply for visa. If you visa get rejected then it is difficult to get next time, it means that there will be some negative image on your history.
This means that when you apply next time then you need to explain why your visa gets rejected. Fine, the first thing you need to do is get proper unconditional offer letter from college or university. To get UN conditional offer letter you need to pay half of the tuition fee. Once you paid your tuition fee then you will be given rights to stay and study in that university. Next you have to calculate the total funds needed to complete your course and living expenditure. You have to show this entire money in your account and produce the account details to the visa office. Then you should have valid passport which should be valid for at least one to two years.
You have to provide the college certificates, that you should be eligible to do the masters or undergraduate degree in United Kingdom. Once you submit all your documents then you will probably get your visa in two week. This may be varied some one will get with in one week and some will get in one month. It depends on your financial condition as well.

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