Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cheapest Car in World

This post is all about the world cheapest car. Car is the most prestigious one to all human being. Long back, only high class people used the car where as middle class dream about the car.
Now the trend has been changed, due to cheaper car every one looking forward to own a car. We can categorise the car in to two, first one is luxurious one which looks good, has more spaces, and amazing facilities. The second category is compact car, as name suggest it has less space, no luxury look, it can be used to travel four to five member at a time.
Last year the car manufacturer Tata announced to produce the world cheapest car named Nano. They started to produce those kinds of cars. There were so many booking have been done with in first day. It was expected that it will take two years to deliver the entire requested car. Currently Tata motors operate two plants to produce this compact. The first one is with 50,000 cars per year and the second one is in Gujarat with 3, 50,000 cars in a year. It is expected that the car prices will not go up as for now but it is expected that it may go up in next phase of delivery. The cars are available at the range of 1, 23,000 to 1, 75,000 show room cost.

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