Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Threats to Indian scientist

Threatening is the most important problem for all Very Important Person; they are getting this kind of problem often. Terrorist mainly focussing on them with out any reason. The main reason is to disturb the administrative and other work of a government in a particular country. Developing countries are the one who affected seriously with this kind of issue. India is now days affected by this kind of threat messages.

Some unwanted messages and emails are reaching the police station and other important places of a nation. Scientist, politician, film stars and engineers are the most vulnerable persons in this category. Recently, scientist who is working in seven important sectors received mail from unknown source. It is actually a threat saying that they will be targeted soon. Police official taken this in to their consideration and they have allocated Y security level to them. There are totally 12 more such kind of incidents is targeted including scientist attack.

After 26/11 attack, security level in all part of the world is tightening. Around thirty such kinds of attacks are planned in this mid of year. Railway station, Bus station and Airport are the most important places to be monitored. We hope Indian police and army personal will take care of these things and we can feel safety in our country.

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