Friday, January 8, 2010

Computer Registry

Computer having two major parts named software and hardware. Whatever you can see physically is hardware; CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse come under this category. Software is the main component which controls hardware. The hardware can function properly when proper software installed. If any problem occurs on software then there is no use of having hardware components. Operating system is the heart of a all software it controls the software process. You can install any kind of software; it will run automatically with proper registration. Registry is also another important file in your computer. It will have all files related to installed software. Once you install any software then the keys and other files. Once you decided to uninstall the software then you can do it via control panel. Even after uninstalling your software there are some components still remains in your registry. It may reduce the speed of the system. It takes much time to boot your operating system. You can access your registry to remove unwanted files, but you have to take extra care when you remove these files. If you remove any of software’s components then it will not work. Sometime your entire computer will go off; you will not be able to access your data. Your computer will work fine once you fix your entire problem in your registry. There are some software is available to scan and repair your registry.

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