Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Volkswagen in India

Finally it is one month away; world popular car manufacturer of the Europe Volkswagen unveiled its new car in India this year. This was announced as the best car of the year 2009. It comes with five manual gear box and fifteen inch alloy wheels. It has all features like Anti theft mobilise locking, Dual Airbags, high quality CD players with four speakers. The interior designed with more spaces, it is more comfortable for enough spaces. All glasses are well designed for sun light. It has high strength material in it. It has good heat absorbing glass. High power and focussed lighting systems are designed.
It has good six year anti corrosion warranty. First car to be launched this June 2010. It comes with different colour. Indian economy is getting recovered day by day, all car manufacturers are looking ahead to implement and import their business to India. It has good looking in luxurious category.

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