Friday, January 29, 2010

FDI in South Africa

FDI in South Africa – we have discussed about FDI in one posts and this post is about the FDI in South Africa. South Africa was ruled by minority white people and the black could not able to get employments. After revolution, the government has been changed and now it has sustainable government to rule. It is one of the emerging markets in Africa continent and it is getting more and more Investors from abroad. Some interesting fact is that South Africa has three capitals, one for judiciary and legislative and executive.

It is the 17th place in electricity generation. This is more attracting the people those who ready to invest in manufacturing sector. This is because; the manufacturing sector requires plenty of electrical power for their operation. It has world largest labour force and it got 32nd place in labour force. It has huge economy by GDP and it can able to have as much as industry it needs.

The world 17th longest rail network and good public transportation allows them to receive more and more Foreign Direct investment to the country. The disadvantage is that the criminal offences and the corruption are more comparing to any other developing country. This makes company to concentrate on security area other than normal operations.

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