Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Work Permit in UK for Students

Work permit for students in UK: These posts will explain about the working permission for international students in United Kingdom. It is given in visa that all students can work up to twenty hours per week while studying. The pay would be six pounds per hour.
They can work forty hours when vacation that is when college is leave for one month. The students will get almost two to three months leave in their graduation. To work in UK, you should get National insurance number called NI number. You have applied by phone; they will ask you some questions about your passport and college details. Once you finished these formalities they will send you the application form. You have to fill the application form and send them back. This is free of cost, no need to pay any money for this post.
Once they received your application form they will send the national insurance number in four working weeks. After receiving your NI number you can start work. After almost one month you will get NI number card. This will not used as address proof any more you have to keep this NI number confidentially. If any one uses your number improperly then you will be suffered lot. If any one work with your NI number more than 20 hours per week then you will be punished.

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