Friday, January 22, 2010

Recession & Impacts

I don’t know what happening with this recession; it is killing thousands of graduates per day. Many of us don’t know the real meaning of recession. It is torturing all kind of people and it is difficult to get recovered from this. Unemployment rate keep on increasing day by day. Government is taking necessary steps to over come and reduce the unemployment rate. Import and export polices have been changed and restriction on outsourcing have been liberalised.

Government are helping companies and Multi national corporations to import their project to their countries. The latest survey showing that the rate of unemployment will be increased in next couple of years. Important steps should be taken in order to avoid problems. The colleges and graduates rate increasing year by year and it is necessary to have more and more number of industries.

The demand in employment is less compare to the supply of graduates, it makes competition level even higher than last couple of years. You need to be more than just good to get a job. This is the time to improve your talents and show it to the world. Just look at the world and mind what are all happening and prepare you for that change. Adopt yourself to this environment.

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