Monday, January 11, 2010

Email etiquette

Email etiquette: In this business earth every communication is done through email. It is necessary to follow some kind of manner in email writing. Emails express your feeling to reader, you have to be polite and you have to show some kindness and interest on reader. It is necessary to include all the necessary information in your mail.
Apart from information, the way you write an email is most important. Grammar is to be considered first than the content of the message. Next thing is subject of the mail. It should be less in length and should be easily understandable. Reader has to get what would be inside mail. Spelling is also important to take care, now days we are using short messaging services to communicate. There is new language called sms language which is short form. This should be avoided in case of emails.
The structure of email is also significant, it should be proper. There are different structures followed in different case. It is evident that you can’t delete or remove you have to be very careful before sending any messages. Read the message at least twice before sending. If it is important or urgent just include emergency / importance to this mail so that it will be viewed early.

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