Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Online Hacking

Hackers – you might have heard this term if you are using internet in your day to day life. Let me give some definition about this word, hackers are the person usually roam around the internet and they find out your password and access your online accounts. They are the most dangerous one to be considered as you will loss all your data at one point of time.

It can also be a program which tries to run on your computer when it is connected with internet. This program is specially written to hack your password. Your entire system can also be passed; in that case the data stored in your hard disc also is taken with out your permission. It is difficult to avoid this kind of incidents but it can be reduced. The best way is set your password so that it is difficult to find out.

Many sites will give you the instruction about password creation but we are not considering. After particular period we come to know the value of those instructions. An I T firm has taken survey regarding this password setting and it is amazing to hear that many people using the same and easy passwords it looks like combination of continuous number and alphabet.

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